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An EECA Membership is required for ALL EECA sponsored programs. Get yours today!

Being an active community member comes in many forms. Purchase a membership to help keep your community league viable, volunteer at a community event, coach a team, or get active on the Board of Directors, attend and support community league events and activities. Your annual community league memberships expire August 31st of each year.

By belonging to EECA, you can participate in a variety of services and programs right here in Evergreen.

There are numerous reasons to renew, or purchase, your membership and support Edmonton Evergreen Community Association like...

  • FREE skating on our community rink (professionally produced and maintained this year at considerable cost).
  • Access to EECA programs and activities for the whole family
  • Access to sports programs throughout the City

Having a strong community league helps promote a safe, healthy neighbourhood, while it increases a sense of community spirit and pride.

Through events and programs, we assist in developing strong families and a vibrant community. The opportunities EECA provides for social interaction improves the quality of life for all residents alike.

Help make Evergreen an even better place to live…..get involved!

Evergreen Community League Fees:

$10 – Single Membership
$10 – Senior’s Membership
$10 – Couple Senior’s Membership
$15 – Single Parent & Single Child Membership
$20 – Family Membership

Benefits of Membership:

  • Ability to participate in all our programs
  • Discount at City recreation and fitness facilities
  • Discount on some Community League functions
  • Free Skating at any outdoor EFCL rink, including ours
  • A good feeling from supporting your community


Contact  Rayla at  780-267-0516 to obtain your EECA membership