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  • Kensington Bingo (EECA)

    Friday, Sep 8, 2023

    Time: AFT

    Location: Kensington Bingo

  • Membership Drive

    Come buy a membership for TAFEY, Darts, EECA or any EECA Programs



    Single Person/Senior/Senior Couple: $10
    Single Parent with Kids: $15
    Family: $10

    Free Access to: EG Skate rink and Clareview Swim (Sat 6-8pm)

    Access to: 
    Reduced Hall Rentals
    EG Senior Program
    EG Garden Program
    EG Adult Games
    EG Family Programs
    Sports Programs (EG and City)

    EECA is a part of the NEZ Sports Associaction. In order to play sports your child needs a Community League Membership.

    Saturday, Sep 16, 2023

    Time: 10am to 2pm

    Location: Evergreen Community Hall

  • Bottle Drive

    All donations go to fundingh EECA and TAFEY programs for the community 

    Saturday, Sep 16, 2023

    Time: 2pm-6pm